Human Resources Support

Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer understands that many companies lack the human resources (HR) apparatus to address complex problems involving their employees. Looking to a reliable outside attorney is an excellent way for these companies to meet these needs while keeping costs down.

At Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer, our Employment Law Practice Group works with small and medium-sized businesses to help them accomplish their goals in a cost-effective manner. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Seminars, Training and Advice | Cost-Effective Services

Our firm is experienced not only in pursuing an aggressive yet cost-effective defense, but also in helping our clients avoid litigation through audits of their policies and procedures, advice regarding pending employee issues and other proactive responses to situations in which a potential claim may arise. Our attorneys also defend these cases in a manner that best meets each client's overall litigation and business goals.

Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer's services include:

  • Representation and counsel regarding discrimination and harassment and overtime issues
  • Presenting seminars
  • Conducting mandatory training (such as sensitivity or cultural-awareness training) related to labor claims
  • Answering questions about mental health concerns and substance abuse

In every case, we take the time to help our clients improve their policies, procedures and training to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of future claims.

Contact Us | Human Resources Support for San Francisco Businesses

Contact Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer for assistance with your HR matter. Our lawyers have been serving businesses since 1978. We are based in San Francisco, California.