Employment Law And Litigation

Preparation, Pragmatism and a Wealth of Experience

Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer's employment law attorneys represent clients ranging from individuals and small, family-owned business entities to midsized corporations. Regardless of the size of the dispute or the organization, we use the same tactics coupled with the sensitivity necessary to present these issues fairly and effectively before a judge, mediator, arbitrator or jury. The client's position is always prepared and presented with the client's goals top of mind.

Resolution of Employer-Employee Disputes

Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer attorneys are adept at handling a variety of disputes and believe that clients are best served when they can avoid workplace disagreements and litigation that consume individual and corporate time and resources. To that end, the Labor and Employment Group works with clients to develop employment policies and procedures that are effective, compliant with applicable law and in harmony with the culture of the organization.

The firm's lawyers provide on-site training to human resources professionals, hiring managers and in-house employment advisers. These on-site tutorials are concise and tailored to meet the needs of each client's work environment. If the client wishes, the firm also offers the option of an in-house training session, which is conducted at Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer's headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

The Employment Group also partners with clients to address workplace challenges as they arise. The firm's attorneys pride themselves on offering practical advice that keeps clients up to date on new state and federal employment laws that may impact a healthy work environment. Sound advice is just a phone call or an email away.

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