Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Save Time, Money and Risk of Damage to Your Reputation

At Lynch Gilardi & Grummer, we recognize that there are varying magnitudes of disputes and that not all matters require the time, expense and loss of privacy incurred by going through trial court proceedings.

Not only have almost all our attorneys represented parties in arbitration and mediation proceedings, but several of our attorneys have many years' experience acting as arbitrators and mediators. These individuals work with parties to resolve disputes in a fast, fair, cost-effective, flexible and private manner. Founding partner Robert Lynch is trusted and well-known as a neutral who is pragmatic, efficient and fair.

The firm's ADR services include:

  • Arbitration: A process by which disputes are submitted to one or several arbitrators (neutral third parties) who make a binding decision (an "award") on the dispute
  • Mediation: A nonbinding procedure where a neutral party, the mediator, assists the parties in reaching and agreeing upon a mutually satisfactory settlement of the dispute
  • Private judge services: The use of an experienced third party who can make decisions about essential matters without the public having access to the decision and without parties having to wait to get on the docket

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